Submarines At Cartagena Naval Base

Photos: Images from Spain's submarine school in Cartagena (Murcia), including an operational boat, the simulator and the submarine pens.
By Matthew Bennett
Jul 24, 2018, 9:33 pm
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I. The captain of the Tramontana (S-74) and another officer, atop the submarine.

II. Two older submarines and an old torpedo outside the submarine school.

III. The stern of the Tramontana. In the background, Spanish minesweepers.

IV. The submarine simulator, lit by the TV camera spotlight.

V. A rating disappears down a hatch on the Tramontana.

VI. The S-70 class submarine simulator control panel.

VII. The Tramontana alongside in Cartagena.

VIII. The Tramontana's conning tower.

IX. From the stern looking forwards.

X. The submarine simulator in normal lighting, pretending to dive.

XI. Spain's Submarine(S) School(E), at the Cartagena naval base.

XII. The rudder of the Tramontana, and the end of the piers that were the subject of the El País controversy last week.

XIII. A detail of the submarine school's façade: "For my country, all".

XIV. In the background, the escape tank practice building.

XV. The Siroco (S-72), decommissioned several years ago.

XVI. Spain's polar research vessel, Hespérides, was also alongside in Cartagena.

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