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Some improvements coming over the summer

Jun 15, 2020, 4:51 pm
Notes: Thank you for all your support. Improvements will be a mobile app, the podcast, a video blog, and direct contributions on the website again.

So I have finally managed to go through all of the Patreon entries and emails from the first few weeks of the coronavirus crisis, to update all of your accounts to where they should be.

Like last year with the Catalan separatist trial, the very intense few weeks of coronavirus reporting, most notably in March and April, produced an overwhelming number of messages from readers, which meant I could not keep up. Reader management, shall we say, was deficient, and trying to keep the Patreon, the website and WhatsApp synced is a mess.

The system breaks down in these periods because it depends on me to keep things synced between the different bits (Patreon, WhatsApp and the website), so I shall be changing that. Lots and lots of readers have also pointed out on Twitter over at least the past month that the algorithm is not showing them the tweets they want to get when they click 'follow'.

Some readers didn't make it into the system, others were still there after payment problems, and trying to fish out WhatsApp requests from a flood of messages has been a disaster.

So there will be a mobile app and direct subscriptions/contributions are back on the website and will be improved. The aim is to make everything work more smoothly for you, if you want to read, follow, contribute, unfollow, manage the amount of email and all the rest.

I have spent the weekend updating some bits of the system and there will be more improvements in all of those areas over the summer weeks.

But the most important thing, of course, is to keep reporting and writing. Patrons will now get a new, brief, "patrons only" column every weekday evening, starting tomorrow, by way of a thank you.

95% of the reporting and analysis will still be free, for whoever is interested in reading from wherever they are in the world. I have again invested all of the increased patron contributions over the past few weeks in more gear to get you more journalism. The podcast is coming, and I shall begin a video blog with questions about Spain.

If because of the reader management chaos during the coronavirus weeks, you were not getting emails, you now should be. You can change the amount and the language with just a click at the bottom of every email (warning: "no emails" means nothing, not even these updates about how it works).

Welcome to those of you who have joined since March, and thank you to every one of you for reading, sharing and contributing to guarantee this independent reporting. All of you together make it possible.

And always a pleasure to hear from you if you have any comments (, 647818143).

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