Inside the Covid ward of a Spanish hospital ER

Video: What will patients and staff inside the Covid ward of a Spanish emergency room tell an independent journalist over a few hours?
By Matthew Bennett
Dec 02, 2020, 5:14 pm

For the first time, the Queen Sofía Hospital (Murcia, Spain) has allowed a journalist to spend several hours inside the Covid ward in its Emergency Room to talk freely to staff and patients about their experiences with the virus since the pandemic began in March.

0:11 What do they those who don't wear masks or think coronavirus is a lie?
1:13 25-year old admitted / blood / straight to ICU / the last hours of life
2:25 Life changed / months cleaning Covid / scared to kiss her kids
3:45 The patients and their situation
4:55 The fear of getting infected still exists
6:10 How did they catch it?
7:30 Trying to talk to kids about coronavirus
7:57 The Wonder Woman nurses
8:15 It's not hard because you're helping
8:48 What do her friends outside the hospital ask?
9:00 12 hours wearing PPE
10:00 Grannies & grandads: Amalia hasn't got coronavirus
11:20 Who will tell my daughter to pick come and get me?
12:25 Light symptoms but admitted straight away
15:00 The riskiest operation: ventilation
17:30 The last hours of life: what to say? what to do?
18:45 Sometimes you cry

Filmed on November 21, 2020.

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