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Vox leader Abascal cheered by large crowd in Murcia after Ciudadanos launches political attack on PP

Video: Only a small group of dance students protested to defend LGBT and women's rights against what they labelled "fascism".
By Matthew Bennett
Mar 12, 2021, 1:10 pm

Vox leader Santiago Abascal visited Murcia on Thursday, one day after Ciudadanos filed a motion of no confidence against the conservative regional government.

In a Cathedral square full of people, and despite Covid restrictions, the only protest came from a group of students at the neigbouring dance school.

Only three days after the Women's Day marches on March 8, it was striking to see a large crowd gathered for Abascal, a full square and with no social distancing.

A large crowd followed Abascal after the rally ended and several middle-aged ladies shouted compliments to the Vox leader from the balconies of their homes.

Abascal highlighed what he called the irresponsibility of the Popular Party and the betrayal of Ciudadanos.

One the loudest applauses from the enthusiastic crowd came when the Vox leader talked about immigrants in Spain.

A small group of students from the neighbouring dance school protested against the Vox rally on Thursday.
They were defending the rights and identity of LGBT people and women against what they called fascism.

The small group was protected by national police officers as Vox supporters filed past during the send off of Abascal, who clearly won the day with his crowd in Murcia, one of the most conservative regions of Spain.

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